Jallos collection.


Oil, resin on wood, fragment surfboards and stone.

63 x 23 cm.

Canary Islands.

Influenced by Francis Pérez,  underwater professional photographer.


Francis Pérez was born in Canary Islands and started underwater photography taking pictures of the sea bed in Tenerife. As an ocean´s lover and an enthusiastic diver, he focuses the submarine world with a unique style.

His pictures show his own point of view in places  such as Indonesia, Red Sea, Malaysia, South Africa, Mozambique, Phillipines, Micronesia, Galápagos, Chile, Mexico, Cuba and Canary Islands.

The last years he has collaborated with many magazines and books as National Geographic Spain and  books as Blue Hope of Sylvia Earle edited by National Geographic where one of his pictures was the cover, the 50th anniversary book of Red List of UICN, …

He has been awarded with many international photo contests around the world even  the prestigious WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2017, 1ST prize nature.
The sample pictures were selected following the autor art criteria and  the species where photographed in their own environment.