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San Borondón

San Borondón is the real story about a pioneering expedition in Canary Islands that embarked on a crazy search for giant, unique, unattainable and lost waves on the most paradisiac places of the islands. They are the true “Non Trubada”, hidden between the sea wind that rises through the volcanic cliffs surrounding the islands coasts.

They represent perfectly the myth of San Borondón, their lives and environment, and revolve around the impossible search for many. In every big wave session, they write a piece of their own history, making the unapproachable of something achievable, finding the corners that you could have never imagined. “A legend told with experiences”

· Director:
Rayco Cano 
· Starring: 
Alexander Zirke , Ayoze Fernández , Daniel Bruch , Vilayta  and Manuel Lezcano 
· Direction of art:
Daniel Reyes 
· Locution:
Juancho Aguiar 
· Music: 
Juan Antonio Ramos, Equisman  and Omar Xerach